[IF Comp 2010] Mite

And now here’s another game which I had the joy of playing as a judge, the game Mite by Sara Dee.

Mite has little to do with dustmites, except that it takes place in a world where the character is the size of a dustmite pretty much.  It’s one of those worlds where tiny little elves and things like that exist in gardens and things like that.  Your goal is to safely bring a jewel back to its rightful owner.  The general layout and aspects of the game make it obvious that this is a game that is geared specifically for younger children.

The descriptions are well written, in that they’re not too detailed for younger children to get lost in but detailed enough for them to know what’s going on.  The puzzles are simple enough for them to figure out with a little trial and error, and even then if they get stuck, there’s a built-in hint system that should be of good help to them.

The only downside I had with this game was how it felt rather linear in terms of the layout of the world.  Other than that, it’s a fun game for both children and adults alike.


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