[IF Comp 2012] Body Bargain

Just like in 2010, this year’s biggest star for me is Body Bargain.  It’s a Sci-Fi/Horror style game, with a bit of blood and gore in the descriptions, meaning that it’s not for the squeamish.  But I will also point out that it’s a great game all the same.

The overall concept is that you’re in some kind of experimental facility, and you’re being forced to do experimental surgeries on various patients in order to enhance them for cybernetics.  This is where things get really graphic, unfortunately, but aside from that, the rest of the descriptions are very well written and even include things like smell and feelings of coldness.

The game itself seems simply enough and somewhat linear, but there are actually multiple ways of handling things and several endings to uncover.  There’s the straightforward way of playing, and then there are times where you can do things differently and try to find another ending that you’re happy with.  The commands are easy to work with and things don’t get too confusing at all.  An NPC is able to assist you at times with things, so you don’t always get entirely lost.

If the game were a little longer and less linear, I’d definitely give it a higher score.  But I still rate it highly all the same.


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