[IF Comp 2012] Castle Adventure

Generic name, generic premise, and overall poorly written.  This is why a game should be beta-tested and input be given so it can be polished up.  As it stands, this game is definitely a sign of an amateur author, and could’ve had a lot more in store for it if it had been revised and given a more professional style.

Let’s start with the biggest issue here: The descriptions.  They’re mostly one or two sentences at most, and a lot of times they don’t tell you where you can go or differentiate in descriptions when you’re in similar areas.  It’s almost like the author was going by the walkthrough and figured people could figure it out themselves.  Well, at least there was a walkthrough to begin with.

Another issue is that some places that seem accessible are inaccessible for no apparent reason.  It’s almost like you’re supposed to wander around at random until you find a way around it.  Again, a good deal of playtesting and feedback could’ve eliminated this problem.  Oh, and did I mention that the princess being kidnapped and locked in a castle is the oldest story theme ever?

If the author is reading this, I suggest they go over their game and fix it up so that it’s easier to play and understand, as well as more intriguing in terms of descriptions and what not.

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